Criminal Defence Solicitors

Ashcott Solicitors are specialist criminal defence solicitors in Manchester, but with a UK wide reputation for fighting the Police and other agencies to ensure justice is served.

Putting it simply we do not trust the authorities. We believe they are capable of making mistakes at every turn. They have huge resources at their disposal to seek to prove you guilty. You have no one apart from your Defence Solicitor so choose wisely.

Our criminal defence solicitors are robust,experienced and single minded in defending your rights. We can pull from a wide range of criminal defence specialisms and experience such as murder, assaults, thefts & burglaries, sex crimes and serious fraud and regulatory matters to mention but a few.

At the police station and the magistrates’ court you will be represented by an experienced criminal defence solicitor, well versed in challenging the Authorities and Courts and for more serious matters in the Crown Court by a barrister who believes in your case and is only interested in your best interests rather than cosying up to the Prosecution.

As criminal defence solicitors in Manchester we know that when you have been arrested, the world seems against you and you feel you have nowhere to turn. Remember, you can always turn to us for advice, representation and putting forward your defence in the best possible way.

What To Do Now

If you have been arrested for criminal offence and need someone on your side to fight your corner then call Ashcott Solicitors now on 0795 655 5797, 24 hours a day.

If you don’t wish to contact us by phone or want to let us know that a friend or relative has been arrested for a criminal offence then you can use our discrete contact form by clicking here.

You can be assured that only a qualified criminal defence solicitor at Ashcott Solicitors will read the email and we will not pass your details onto anyone outside of us. We value your privacy as we value our own.

“A great firm of criminal defence solicitors in Manchester with an outstanding reputation for client care and powerful representation.”

Arrest & Interview
For experienced and speedy advice and representation at the police station call Ashcott Solicitors today on 0795 655 5797 – 24 hours a day. Learn More ...
Advice & Preparation
At Ashcott Solicitors and as criminal defence solicitors, we constantly seek to give you the best available outcome in the circumstances to any matter you may face before the criminal courts. Learn More ...
Representation At Court
No matter what court you find yourself appearing in, the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court, the Court of Appeal, and beyond you can always rely upon Ashcott Solicitors. Learn More ...